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Beginners kit (white): 12×10


Beginners kit with the white ‘Tappernøjestade’

The beginners kit contains:

  • A complete bottom with drawer
  • Four magazines with rails and screws for assembling magazines
  • A fiberglass cover plate
  • A roof including roof clips
  • A stainless-steel wire queen excluder
  • A jacket with hat and veil
  • A pair of rubber gloves with a cuff
  • A smoke blower with leather bellows
  • A hive tool
  • A bee brush with horsehair
  • 5 kilos of wax foundation
  • A varroa control solution. Choose between Krämerplade, Nassenheider evaporator or ApiGuard.
  • 50 pcs. DALINNO frames.

‘Tappernøjestadet’ is made of hard styrofoam.

Made in Denmark.

The ‘Tappernøjestadet’ is sold in cooperation with


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