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DALINNO is proud to present the new and innovative bee hive frame: The DALINNO frame.

The DALINNO frame is just as easy to as 1 – 2 – 3.
1: You have your DALINNO frame.
2: You load the wax foundation into the frame.
3: The frame is ready to use.

With the patented* DALINNO frame you simplify the entire work process compared to using the old wooden frame, and now it takes only about 2 seconds to prepare each frame.

Just as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

The Characteristics of the DALINNO frame
  • The DALINNO frame is molded in plastic in one piece to ensure maximum robustness and rigidity.
  • DALINNO frames are produced after highest standards in mineral filled food grade Polypropylene (PP) which apply the frame durability, stiffness and extended lifetime. PP is made from crudeoil and can after use be reused, recycled into new frames or other products.
  • The special plastic used for the DALINNO frame is designed to tolerate temperatures between -10 and +120 degrees Celsius. Of cause, it also withstands formic acid and oxalic acid.
  • The DALINNO frame can be cleaned just like the wooden frames, but since the frame is molded in plastic in one piece, an acid bath is not necessary. This means that it is enough to boil or steam the DALINNO frame to melt the wax off and remove propolis, which is more environmentally friendly.
  • Season after season the wax foundation slides rights down the DALINNO frame, even after the frame is washed.
  • With the DALINNO frame beekeepers saves a lot of time! It takes less than 2 seconds to load the frame with the wax foundation and put it down in the bee hive.
  • All this means that the DALINNO frame will probably last most of a beekeeper’s career, meaning that it is no longer necessary to buy new frames every season.
Benefits of the DALINNO frame

Please take a look at the video below to see the benefits of the DALINNO frame with your own eyes.

To find out where to buy the DALINNO frame, please go to the “Retailer” page.

Production and development

The DALINNO frame is produced in Denmark by Schoeller Plast with plastic material from Polykemi. This guarantees that the quality of the frames is at its peak.

Schoeller Plast and Polykemi have both been involved in the development of the DALINNO frame to ensure that it meets all our requirements to quality and design.

Read more about Schoeller Plast and Polykemi at their website:
Schoeller Plast: link
Polykemi: link

DALINNO frame sizes

As frames have different names and sizes around the world, we have listed the sizes of the DALINNO frames here.

  • Langstroth 1/1: A: 480 mm, B: 232 mm, C: 448 mm
  • Langstroth 2/3: A: 480 mm, B: 159 mm, C: 448 mm
  • 12 x 10: A: 356 mm, B: 282 mm, C: 326 mm

Info: The DALINNO Langstroth 2/3 is sometimes called “Langstroth 3/4” and “Farrar”

Wax foundation sizes

Because the egdes of the DALINNO frames are thinner than those on the ordinary wooden frames, a larger wax foundation is needed for the DALINNO frames.

  • Langstroth 1/1: 438mm * 224mm
  • Langstroth 2/3: 438mm * 151mm
  • 12 x 10: 315mm * 274mm
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